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OG Hipster Blogger since 2000, the time before blogging was ever cool


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Trying to gain and share insight about the latest technology.

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#author 20 books: #ScienceFiction novels (best known: The Silk Code, The Plot to Save Socrates), media/politics (best known: The Soft Edge, Digital McLuhan, New New Media); prof Fordham Univ in New York City; #podcaster; #SingerSongwriter (LPs: Twice Upon a Rhyme, Spun Dreams, Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time); most writing these days: time travel, alternate realities; currently reviewing Your Honor =I once had a sign that said a neat desk is a sign of a sick mind, but I lost it.=

aRubes @aRubes@sloth.run

a #Sloth yet dictatorial aspect of a many-faced entity AKA:

​:mastodon:​ tooot.im

​:keyoxide:​ and a bunch of others

Perennial city dweller. Grower of medical symptoms. Amateur rock flipper.

Also this server's admin.


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#Librarian, #tea. Learning vue.js & alma. Building infrastructures for higher ed.

Maker of vaguely religious bots, like @why, @mahabharabot, @pourquoi, and @nisargadatta.

Benjamin Kwiecień 🇵🇸 @ben@kwiecien.us

🌍 Esperantist, educator, and amateur linguist
📚 BA in Persian language and literature
🎙️ Host of Gemini Radio 💁
➡️ gemini://kwiecien.us
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Kévin ⏚ @kc@social.coop

Based in Paris, I run a Wildcat! BBS like it's the early 90s. J'écris les choses sur internet en texte brut.

Ishmael @ishmael@eattherich.club

Shitposting, chess, Indian politics, history, media. Posts mostly in English, sometimes Marathi. 18+

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✝ Christian

🤖 Computer Science

🐧 Linux enthusiast

😎👌 Memes

🇲🇽 Mexican

(^u^) Animations

🔢 Math

🗯 Comics

Interested in the Fediverse

🇺🇸/🇲🇽 EN, ES

I consider myself a conservative person without being close-minded and I don’t like hatred/violence.


I try to improve myself.

Always looking for interesting freelance projects.

yo siempre quise tener un blog a la vieja escuela (basado en texto como lo fue en su momento Blogger) y como no fue mi época para ser bloguero en ese momento y ya pasó de moda, quiero intentar crear uno.

I always wanted to have an old school blog (text based like Blogger was back in the day) and since it wasn’t my time to be a blogger at that moment and it’s gone out of fashion, I want to try to create one.