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Listen up. I just spent 3 hours diving into this video that got posted today. And considering it came out today, I’m pretty sure it’s going to get reposted and dug into because of the woman involved. 1

I followed all the posted links, dug into this shit, and I’m convinced I have STRONG evidence of some vaccine psyop to discredit MRNA skeptics. The interviewee is competent, well-sourced, and provides shittons of info. And everything ties together perfectly to add up. But at the very last thread, when the knot is about to get tied up, you realize there was never a connection. No one can be competent enough to put these pieces together but stupid enough to miss the obvious problem. Let’s break it down.

Karen Kingston has been in the industry for decades. She started as a volunteer, worked her way up as a sales rep, then got to the top in Pfizer doing marketing and stuff with regulations. She, however, has a college major in BUSINESS, not the medical field. But she clearly picked up a great deal of knowledge managing startups and working at Pfizer. She was well connected. She’s definitely not stupid.

Her core claim is that there’s Graphene Oxide in the vaccine. She goes through a list of documents and specifically says that the patents here omit that element as a trade secret but publish that information in China.

I dug up the patent she referenced but haven’t gone completely through it yet, but it shouldn’t actually be important for the key issue. 2

Anyways, she focuses on component lipid compounds and their industry names and the vaccine structure. She builds credibility and does a good job demonstrating how these vaccines are supposed to work. This article is referenced and has diagrams and is actually a good read. 3

She then elaborates further and traces the manufacture of these to a company called Sinopeg. There are 2 lipids specifically focused on: 4 5

That said, I checked all the Covid excipients to make sure. You can follow through yourself.

She then displays info that Sinopeg specifically manufactures PEG graphene energy storage nanoparticles used in the vaccine. 6

All this buildup leads to proof of magnetic vaccines and a 5G vaccine connection. Except it doesn’t. Everything up to Sinopeg, including their manufacture of covid vaccine elements, has NO connection to graphene tech. That graphene nanoparticle link? It’s a news article. An unaffiliated group did the specific research. The original study 7

…led by some guy at Laiocheng University.

Sinopeg has no connection to that research. In fact, core-shell graphene doesn’t even fit with the model of the vaccine we currently have. [Here’s what core-shell structures look like 8

To get the results she describes, the vaccine lipid sheathe would have to be using layers of graphene particles all the way to the core, with no room for RNA. And because the outer layer specifically binds to ACE-2 receptors and effectively disintegrates, you’d be looking at dissolved graphene “batteries” inside your cells. This would basically destroy the nanotech.

Furthermore, Graphene doesn’t actually stay in the body for the timetables involved in this theory. More info on graphene toxicity:

Furthermore, Graphene doesn’t actually stay in the body for the timetables involved in this theory. More info on graphene toxicity :

Note: You’ll have to open the images in a new tab, I apologize for the inconvenience.
Graphene Tox 1 Graphene Tox 2 Graphene Tox 3 Graphene Tox 4 Graphene Tox 5

The bioaccumulation of graphene oxide can occur, but it would be in bones and spleen, not so much in reproductive areas or the cardiovascular system. And it would exit your system much sooner than the 6 month booster period. If it were inhaled, it could reside in your lungs almost permanently, but that’s inhalation, not an injection.

The symptomology(is that a word?) of the vaccine fits with RNA-produced spike proteins, NOT graphene oxide poisoning. And the two are mutually exclusive (mostly). If you used it in trace amounts in the lipid shell, there wouldn’t be enough for any real effect, on top of the previous issues with it.

Oh, and the final nail in the coffin? Graphene isn’t magnetic either. It can be in particular configurations, but the structures described wouldn’t do it. This seems specifically pushed to play up the flimsy anti-vax perceptions, mainly that we’re being injected with 5G receptors for mind control.

Everything we have from the evidence suggests lipotoxicity and spike proteins as the cause of these side effects. The graphene oxide/5G/Magnetic vax stuff is pushed to discredit us. And if they’re putting out shit like this, it wouldn’t be surprising if they paid some rednecks and boomers to fake a bunch of magnetic vax videos.

I think they’re worried because many people are skeptical, so they’re trying really hard to make skeptics look like idiots. It’s also possible this woman is stupid as hell, but I don’t buy it. How could she miss that the graphene tech was a NEWS article referencing an unaffiliated research team? I’m pretty sure we’re about to get hit with some black propaganda to discredit us harder.


Former Pfizer chief came out with a meticulously cited interview showing vaccine contains graphene batteries as a baseline test for 5G connectivity in the public. Everything she links is accurate until the last bit, which is completely unrelated. It’s a well-orchestrated psyop assuming people won’t actually dig into this shit. She never actually provided a Chinese patent by Moderna. Just a Chinese supplier that happened to post a suspicious news article.

She’s either doing well-designed black propaganda, or she’s got some type of special condition that lets her track all this shit but turns her brain into a consolation prize when she reads news articles.

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